PRI Heavy call volume? Cut your overhead with a PRIFirst, a quick explanation of what a PRI is…

There are two varieties of ISDN service offered: BRI or Basic Rate Interface and PRI or Primary Rate Interface. BRI is a low capacity service intended for residential and small business applications. PRI is the high capacity service carried on T1 trunk lines between telco central offices and your location.

PRI divides a T1 digital signal into 24 channels of 64 Kbps capacity per channel. 23 of these channels can be assigned as one telephone call each, the equivalent of having 23 separate telephone lines. The 24th channel is used for signaling information and special features such as caller ID. This service provides DID or Direct Inbound Dialing for direct station calling with a 10 digit number to a person or department.

That’s a basic PRI. The NEWT PRI is a digital access solution that connects the NEWT Voice Network to a PBX or phone system, while offering multiple feature functionalities. NEWT PRI improves day-to-day calling operations, reduces phone system complexity by eliminating the need for voice lines or trunks and includes features such as Calling Line Identification (CLID) and Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS): while increasing call connect speed and productivity.

20-40% Cost Saving:

The NEWT PRI typically reduces your monthly local access cost by switching from traditional analog phone lines to PRI digital services. Savings average between 20 – 30%. NEWT PRI also includes unlimited local and long distance calling in Canada adding even more to the savings.


DID (Direct Inward Dialing) feature allows users/departments to have their own dedicated phone number. This alleviates congestion in the auto-attendant, eliminates clients need to route through menus to speak with end user, provides a personal feel to clients, and provides privacy to end user.
DID LoIX feature is the same as the DID feature but allows the user to use a dedicated phone number outside their local calling area. The is great for marketing to provide a virtual local presence rather than using a Toll Free number. Also, eliminates Toll Free usage charges.

Increase Productivity:

ISDN PRIs are more effective than traditional analog lines. Length of time to answer and place calls is shortened, which is critical for small to large call centres to manage more calls per day.

Equipment Required:

NEWT’s ISDN PRIs are provisioned on DS1/T1 access and demark CPE (Customer Provided Equipment) from customer premise to Fibernetics CLEC Network. ISDN PRIs are compatible with the majority of Key Systems and PBXs.

Who Needs a PRI:

ISDN PRI are used by mid-market to enterprise companies as ISDN PRIs can support large volume of inbound and outbound calling.
For more information we invite you to contact our sales team to see if the NEWT PRI is a good fit for your organization. 1-888-996-6398