2-168x300 Hands on with NEWT Connector & SalesforceNEWT Connector is a fantastic tool for optimizing how companies interact with vendors, customers and leads. A direct interface between the NEWT Business Phone system and Salesforce – the world’s leading customer relations management service – NEWT Connector provides access to NEWT’s telecom feature set that is changing the way business is done in Canada, with the power of the Salesforce suite of products and services.
Powerful and simple to use, here’s a brief sampling of feedback we’ve gathered from the best reviewers we could find, those who actually use NEWT Connector:

The screen pop-up is good as it allows for timely entry of data as you speak to someone and it is good for outbound calling using the click-to-call while looking at other data that is in front of you as you make the call.

– Ed Wach – Account Manager

The click to dial feature is the best. It speeds up outbound dialing and improves accuracy.  I can place calls at least 80% faster. I can move through my outbound calls and log details much faster than manually entering phone numbers and call log details.

– Graham Hardy – Inside Sales Representative

The application is simple and easy to use…would be a time saver in a call centre environment, especially inbound calls.

– Brian Gilham  – National Channel Manager

NEWT Connector has improved my efficiency by allowing me to use one system for dialing out, making notes and viewing my call history all at once. One of my favorite features is the notation field. I love this option because once I click-to-dial and begin interacting with a customer, I have the choice to make any notes about the call. This feature comes in handy because it reminds me to make notes for each call and allows me the option to discard the calls I don’t want notes for i.e. calling internal extensions.

This has improved my documentation techniques enabling me to be more thorough with my follow-up calls. I am no longer searching where I can add notes and I don’t forget because it’s right in front of me. The option to make a note stays visible until I either save a note or discard the option to do so. It also allows me to be more accurate because I can make notes as I go along no matter what page I am looking at.

Before using the NEWT Connector I was using an external tool that allowed me to dial out. I was always having to copy and paste the number into the console and I was constantly searching through tabs to find where to make notes. Having to make a lot of calls made this worse because I found that I was adding notes everywhere to get the information down and didn’t always know what or where to attach them to, let alone potentially adding the wrong notes to other customers’ accounts. Using NEWT Connector has eliminated this issue.

NEWT Connector searches any number I am calling, finds the contact associated to that number so I have their information right in front of me. This option also works with incoming calls as well. Having this feature allows me to react quickly. I get all the information I need for my customer easily and effectively.

I have found the NEWT Connector to be an asset for my day-to-day responsibilities and would recommend this to anyone that is using Salesforce.

– Greg Young – Business Analyst

Newt_Connector-1 Hands on with NEWT Connector & SalesforceA perfect combination for business communications, Salesforce and NEWT Connector enable businesses to increase sales, leads, conversions and improve customer service. It is available now on the Salesforce AppExchange.
For more information, please visit the NEWT Connector page, call 1-855-378-7979 or email  newtconnector@fibernetics.ca.