Screen-Shot-2015-01-07-at-3.23.14-PM Get yer NEWT #businesstips right hereNEWT is dedicated to saving Canadian businesses on their monthly overhead, and that goes beyond our NEWT Managed PBX business phone system and our other money-saving telecom products.
A little over a year ago we started Tweeting out a series of daily #businesstips dedicated both to making working life more efficient and productive and to helping organizations both large and small streamline their operations, boost efficiencies, be more environmental and to save money daily, monthly and yearly.
We like to save a buck just like everyone else, and we’ve applied many of them to our own operation. Here’s a few examples:



As you can see, none of the stuff is earth shattering. It’s mostly just common sense, however taking up any number of these tips can make for a better working experience, or help shave incremental dollars off any overhead, which in a year can really add up.
Please follow the NEWT Twitter feed, @NEWT4Business for your daily dose of #businesstips. See how much you can save.