Hendrick-Health-232x300 We Get Mail: Takacs Health Facility Saves Big with NEWTJames W. Takacs, D.D.S. – Takacs Health Facility
I decided in 2013 to switch our office phone system to Fibernetics’ NEWT Managed PBX system primarily because the telephone expenses for our dental practice were extremely high. Our phone bills averaged between $650 and $850 per month. With the new system the total bill is approximately $400 per month including the internet and the lease on the equipment itself. The long-distance portion of the bill (approximately 250-300 daytime minutes) averages only about $5-$6 per month!
The system itself is easy to use and has many great features. An example of one that really works for us is the ability to forward calls to another number (I chose to use my cell phone number) when the power goes out. Our office is situated in an area which unfortunately experiences many small power outages, so the fact that patients can still get through to us when they need us is a great benefit.
All staff at Fibernetics have been very professional to deal with. Richard. the Sales Director, met with me at length to answer all the questions I had and even allowed for me to attend an office to see the system in use prior to making a decision.

“The in-office training session was conducted by one of the most enthusiastic people I have ever met!”

When it came to the actual installation. the installer was able to put the system in place during regular business hours with very minimal disruption to our busy office. The in-office training session was conducted by one of the most enthusiastic people I have ever met! She was extremely patient with us and made it easy to learn something completely new. Any questions that I have about service or other issues are answered in a timely fashion by the technical support staff.
Switching to Fibernetics has been a positive experience for our office and I would highly recommend the system to other offices.
Karen VanderHeiden
Office Manager
It’s always great to hear from our clients on how we’re helping them with their business while saving them money. In Karen’s case, her organization now has a state-of the art business phone system that is saving them more that 50% on their phone bill alone, plus hundreds more a year in long distance savings – and on top of all that their Internet is basically thrown in for free.
And, once their lease term is up, their monthly bill will be reduced even further realizing even more savings.
newt_beyond_telecom-300x127 We Get Mail: Takacs Health Facility Saves Big with NEWTNEWT the Sales Director Richard Reist did a fantastic job setting Karen up with her new NEWT Managed PBX phone system.
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