phone-old-support-300x199 Free Phone Lines for Business?Published May 2009 By CO Staff

It’s an offer that sounds almost too good to be true.
Fibernetics Corp. will give you free business phone lines with no recurring monthly cost, when you purchase their IP phone system.
The process is surprisingly simple. After paying a one-time cost for the phone system and the number of handsets you need, a phone box system is deployed in your office and you can log onto the system through a private network connection to control extensions and phone features.
One interesting aspect of IP based phones is that you do not need additional numbers with a roll over system to handle simultaneous calls. The basic SOHO system, which currently sells for $1295 (not including handsets), is automatically designed to handle two concurrent calls and can be expanded to allow for up to 12 concurrent calls. Their higher priced SMB system automatically includes up to 9 lines, but can be expanded to allow up to 72 concurrent calls.
Mike Brown, a company representative, explained that the system comes with a lot of features that would normally only be available in more expensive mid-range systems. Voicemail, voice to email, unlimited auto attendants, advanced call forwarding, conference bridge and even a find me / follow me option are just a few of the features that come with the basic package.
When we spoke to Brown he was using the system and the voice quality was excellent.
Brown noted that because Fibernetics has phone company status, just like Bell, Telus and AT&T, they are able to offer services not available to many other IP based phone companies. One helpful feature is number portability; the company can port your current business numbers to their system.
Another interesting feature is the ability to have local calling numbers in different cities in Canada without a physical location. You can purchase additional phone numbers – for example a phone number in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver – for a one-time fee plus a small additional monthly fee (currently $25 to add a phone number and $2/month to maintain that number). Even better, a local call placed in Vancouver to your Vancouver line but answered in Montreal will not have long distance charges.
The long distance rates are also very attractive. Fibernetics currently charges 2 cents per minute for calls in Canada and the US and 2.9 cents per minute for international calls.
One catch with the system is that you do need to purchase DSL Internet access from the company, which is currently set at $89.95 per month. When you do the math, however, you should find that there is still a rapid pay back for your investment, especially for businesses that require more than the 2 lines automatically packaged with the system.