As you may know, Fibernetics has suffered a significant outage for many of the services we provide.
At approximately 12:30 pm (EDT) on Friday, October 18, we saw a disruption to a number of our services.  We traced the root cause to a very significant fibre cut at Bell Canada’s data centre, at Adelaide Street in Toronto.  As a result of this cut, Fibernetics, together with several hundred other customers of Bell Canada have been without service, or suffering severely degraded service, since.
Certain services have been gradually returned to normal overnight, and given the pace at which the repairs are being done, we expect that all services should be fully restored by Saturday, October 19th 4pm.  Currently (as of Oct 19th 10am), the only region remaining to be restored is our Quebec region.
We apologize for the inconvenience. This was an unprecedented interruption and many service providers and their customers have been affected.
I encourage you to continue to follow us on our social channels – Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn – for the latest information on the Fibernetics network status.
Roy Graydon
President – Fibernetics
Twitter: @fibernetics
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