Corporate culture is a hotly discussed topic. Ensuring employee satisfaction does not only aid each individual working for your organization on an individual basis, but it also helps the bottom line of the business. A positive work environment helps to foster creativity and innovation, two factors which can make a business dominant within their respective market.
Fibernetics, the parent company of NEWT, introduced the ā€œIā€™m In!ā€ mantra to switch the culture vibe that was appearing to seep into the organization. This culture change was not an easy thing to implement, it took dedication and time, but because of it Fibernetics has evolved and experienced extensive growth. To celebrate the original culture transformation, Fibernetics hosted a culture event to announce their new core values: innovation, accountability, just do it and find the solution, trust, teamwork, and happiness.
Now, Fibernetics Culture Celebration 2.0 is occurring tomorrow to honour and recognize the employees, the company culture and many great individual and group achievements.
Culture truly can inspire and motivate an entire organization; the positive impact it has had on Fibernetics is proof.

Learn about the Fibernetics culture and read more about this amazing event HERE.

Im-in Fibernetics Culture Celebration 2.0 Happening Tomorrow