Excel Excel Business Systems Experiences the NEWT Way

We’ve all been there, a product is so satisfying that we recommend it to our friends and family because we want them to experience the simplicity and advantages it brings to you on a daily basis. At NEWT, we strive to ensure all of our customers feel this way about our products. Excel Business Systems, a company which provides technology and services to various businesses, took this idea one step further.
After six months of being a NEWT customer, Excel and their President, Bob Becker, decided to become a Value Added Reseller (VAR) of the NEWT Business Phone System. Becker was very impressed with NEWT and stated that his customers “enjoy it just as much as we do”.
Since becoming a VAR, Excel has leveraged the NEWT sales and media kit which Becker says is the perfect way to demonstrate what NEWT has to offer. “It’s a great tool for sales calls because the potential customers really enjoy getting to see the phones themselves, it really helps the overall effectiveness of the sales call”.

How the NEWT & Excel Partnership Began

How did Excel go from a customer to a vendor? Let’s backtrack for a second and take a broad look at the current business world which we live in. The market is fast-paced and competitive, and attaining and sustaining a customer base relies on efficient communication. Inventions like advanced communications systems and internet services have allowed businesses to connect quickly and effectively with their target market. However, for Excel, an investment in a telecom system was needed to continue to grow and enhance the organization. According to Bob, the main competitive advantage Excel has is its superior customer service.
This level of service relies on not only being knowledgeable about the products but also being able to respond promptly to customer inquiries. Becker explained that their current phone system was ineffective, “we need a better overall system, and we wanted to connect our different locations to better serve our customers”. Having four locations and an ever-growing customer base led Becker and Excel to switch their communication system and transition to the NEWT Business Phone System.
Right away, Becker immediately recognized the difference in connectivity within the organization. “The extension dialing between locations makes it very easy for us to communicate, and for the bigger meetings, the conference calling is very important”, explains Becker. Many associate an upgrade with a higher cost, however, with NEWT this is not the case.
After switching to NEWT, Excel started to see significant monthly savings of “about $400 per month, which is about half of what we were paying before”. All in all, Excel is a customer and a partner, and with the help of the NEWT Business Phone System, Excel can focus on continuing to grow their business and enhance their market share.
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Testimonials with Excel Business Systems and Habitat for Humanity Grey Bruce.

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Excel Business Systems is an organization which carries industry leading technology, offering colour copiers, printers, scanners, document management systems and more. Excel provides extensive support and exceeds customer expectations with their quality service and products.
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