newt_beyond_telecom_150x64 The Downtown Automotive Group Reflects on Their Decision to Choose NEWT
All businesses are searching for an edge, one which will bring them above their competition. The Downtown Automotive Group (DAG) knew that attaining an advanced communication system would ensure the highest level of customer service and productivity within the organization. Customer service is one of the key reasons the DAG has been so successful to date. The DAG’s Director Ron Provost reiterated this factor: “with us downtime is really, really important…we don’t want downtime”. Provost knew that they needed to invest in advanced technology to help the efficiency of the organization, “we had to go to somebody that we can rely on”.
The constant growth of this organization into eight dealerships meant that a superior telecommunications system was needed to keep the entire organization connected both internally and externally.  Therefore, the DAG decided to use the NEWT Business Phone System. Provost was asked what he noticed after the transition was implemented. “When you phone a company and they answer the phone live, it says a lot about that company” exclaims Provost, “they all answer with their name and you don’t have to ask for it, and things get resolved almost immediately”.
NEWT prides itself on its customer service and Provost was impressed with the help the organization received throughout the transition. When asked to assess the NEWT technical support team, Provost stated “I think the ongoing support is incredible”.
Besides the effective support team, Provost was also extremely pleased with the functionality of the NEWT phone system. “The feature that blows everybody away is the voicemail to email. I could be in the middle of nowhere, make a long-distance call to my own system, just to find out there’s nothing to return”. However, the voicemail to e-mail feature sends an automatic e-mail notification to an individual containing an audio clip of the voicemail. This feature among others allows organizations to timely complete various business tasks.
The cost of a phone system was the only obstacle between Provost and his goal to enhance the company’s communications. When looking at a phone system that is technologically advanced and one which offers a great deal of features, usually the cost of the system can be quite expensive. Provost was aware that investing in this type of system could mean the organization would have higher telecom costs, “we were afraid of spending a lot of money”, Provost explained. However, with NEWT, price is extremely cost-effective, which was a major factor leading up to the decision to choose the NEWT phone system. After implementing the NEWT system, the DAG saw a decrease in their monthly telecom costs, and according to Provost, “when we took it over a 10-year period, our savings were about a quarter of a million dollars”.
All in all, Provost and the entire DAG are ecstatic with the addition of the NEWT business phone system. According to Provost, “there wasn’t much of a decision to be made really, we move 20 years into the future in technology, [and] we get everything we want in a phone system and more”.
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DAG-300x168 The Downtown Automotive Group Reflects on Their Decision to Choose NEWT