When the phones are down in a travel agency, it’s not an inconvenience, it’s a disaster.

Staying in touch with clients is the lifeblood of any travel agency. Agents must be instantly accessible with their customers wherever they are in the world keeping them up to date on specials, deals, travel tips and imaginative alternatives. This level of personal communication access builds close relationships and keeps clients happy and makes them loyal customers.
It’s the core of the travel agency business.
That’s why Uniglobe Donaldson Travel in Cambridge Ontario, part of the $5-billion/yr Uniglobe travel organization, switched to the NEWT™ Managed PBX telephone system because having consistent, reliable and clear communications with their clients is essential.

The Problem

Early in 2012 Uniglobe installed a VoIP phone system from another supplier. From the onset the system was having issues with dropped calls, inconsistent call quality, lost call data and poor customer service. For a travel agency, completely dependent on reliable communication this became an issue of paramount importance.

The Solution

Director of sales Marc Chiarenza was tasked with finding a replacement phone system and he reached out to Jeff Leasa at Fibernetics about the NEWT™ Managed PBX. To fix the dropped calls, and voice quality issues Jeff explained that Fibernetics NEWT™ Business PBX is a Managed End-to-End Solution.
Fibernetics is a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) or Telephone company competing directly against the big players.  Fibernetics is also an ISP and has their own PBX Platform.  This means that one provider does everything and that there would be no finger pointing as to who the issue was for the dropped calls or quality issues.  Jeff explained that Fibernetics could see right to the desktop phone sets and can support any business fully.  Jeff also assured Marc that Fibernetics would fully test and install the system correctly.  Having the proper install is the foundation for a successful and happy customer.  Fibernetics tested the Internet connection to the building first, once it was setup correctly the next phase was installing the system and doing the training.  On the install Mark said, “the transition was seamless.”

The Result

“It was a night and day improvement.”

The NEWT™ Managed PBX operates on the Fibernetics private network, meaning unlike other business phone vendors calls do not transit the unreliable public Internet.
For Uniglobe this provided unprecedented call quality and dependable business communication that the agency can depend on – while saving them money on their telecommunication costs.
“The cost savings wasn’t a major issue…. it’s nice that there is a cost savings… but it wasn’t the initiative to make the switch.”