Preferred_Parking2 Corporate Culture and the Preferred Parking SpotAt Fibernetics we are always trying to improve our corporate culture. Besides making the work environment more pleasant, it’s also good business. Happy employees make for better workers who, in turn, provide better service for our customers.
We have dozens of programs both large and small that are designed to make everyone’s working experience better and one example is centered around who gets to park where.
Every office has the perfect parking spot, and usually it is reserved for someone high up in company, the president, CEO, general manager, whoever. Yet, is that really the best use of that valuable real estate? Those folks already have plenty of perks. Do they really need to have the shortest walk to the front door?
Like many other companies, Fibernetics has come up with an alternative assignment for this spot, (in our case two spots), that works as both a competition and a reward. Every month we auction ours off in a day-long bidding war, with the proceeds going to charity.
It’s fun, it’s competitive and it raises money for charity. Win. Win. Win. Other businesses have also embraced the idea with these being some of the most popular:
1. Stork Parking
Expectant mothers should get convenient, front row spaces.
2. Green Parking
Car poolers, hybrid cars, electric cars and bikes should get primo parking spots to encourage reducing our overall carbon footprint.
3. Employee-of-the-Month Parking
Many businesses have Employee-of-the-Month programs. instead of a certificate, why not go a step further and all he or she to enjoy a premiere parking for a month.
Improving corporate culture is an ongoing exercise, and not every perk has to be something major. Even something as basic as a parking spot.