In the beginning stages of any business, entrepreneurs are searching for ways in which to increase their bottom line and reduce their overhead. Often, as a business is just getting its feet wet within its respective market, technological tools may be considered an unnecessary added expense. Most small businesses are in search of a realistic, cost-effective way to run their business. Frequently, it is assumed that advanced communication systems are only necessary for large enterprises. The needs of small businesses are not always catered to regarding office technology. To put that into perspective, of the one million Canadian businesses, 80% require four phone lines or less.
NEWT has an answer for small businesses that are tirelessly trying to find an efficient and cost-effective communication system. The NEWT Mini Managed PBX Phone System is tailored towards small sized companies. It provides up to four lines and six extensions, which is a much more realistic option for many companies and can be combined with Fibernetics’ unlimited Internet services to create a valuable business bundle. The NEWT Mini provides businesses with the same quality and 80+ features as the larger NEWT PBX phone system, like Direct Inward Dial, Voicemail to Email and more. However, this system is customized for organizations that are looking for a more practical solution.

NEWT understands that even the NEWT Mini may be unreasonable for an organization in the very beginning stages of development. Therefore, NEWT also offers the Small Business Bundle. The small business bundle includes two business phone lines, high-speed business Internet and a modem.
NEWT not only offers a reliable product, but it is also one that can help many organizations save time and money, while adding a phone system that provides both simplicity and efficiency. NEWT will aid the productivity of your organization, while giving business owners the opportunity to focus strictly on enhancing their brand. As your business flourishes, NEWT, being a fully managed and scalable product, will easily adjust to the needs of your ever-growing organization.
For more information on the NEWT Mini or the Small Business Bundle, please call 1-888-996-6398.

b_midle_business_bundle A Communication Solution for Small Businesses