Business-PBX1 Business to Business Growing in Canada
Canada’s top tech firms, with the exception of two of them, all have something in common. It isn’t some technological revolution they’re all in on, or some obscure machine that’s changing the landscape, or even a brand new software that’s letting some companies pull their sales and success above the competition. What they all have in common is that they’re selling to businesses, rather than to the general public.
Business to Business Growing Every Day
The reason that tech companies target businesses is pretty simple when one takes a step back and examines the strategy that’s present. It’s all about marketing. Huge, international tech companies have had a stranglehold on the consumer market for years, and attempting to pry their fingers off will take a lot of time, money and effort on the part of Canadian companies who want to squeeze into the mix. So rather than fighting a losing battle, many Canadian tech companies are simply choosing different, and arguably easier, targets.
Why Go For Businesses?
There are several reasons for this. The first advantage of marketing to businesses is that businesses, on the whole, are more concerned with the value of a product. Additionally, once a business has been sold to, it tends to buy in quantities much larger than an individual would ever purchase. Lastly, and this is one of the big ones, the huge conglomerates are not marketing as heavily toward businesses as they are toward individuals. That means that smaller, more local companies actually have a shot at being heard, which leads them to get more clients, more sales and thus to grow as a business.
This strategy is becoming more and more popular among Canadian tech companies. It’s also looking like it is definitely here to stay, as far as successful business strategies go.
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