If you have been involved in the purchase or deployment of business phone systems, you are most likely familiar with the various types available in the market. The on-premise business phone system, which has all the necessary equipment located on-site within your business and physical business lines, connects to the Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN). Purely hosted solutions connects a router from within your business to a “data cloud,” and from there to the PSTN.
However, it has become clear that the “hybrid system,” a combination of both the on-premise and hosted solutions, is quickly establishing itself as the new standard within North America moving forward. The hybrid system amplifies the advantages of both hosted and on-premise systems while eliminates the drawbacks by reducing costs, managing maintenance issues and potential security problems.

Delivering the Hybrid Solution with SIP Trunking Services

Due to this technology shift, the market for both Hybrid Phone Systems and SIP Trunking Services are both predicted to grow immensely because their capabilities are helping businesses to increase operational efficiency and reduce risk. According to research from Frost & Sullivan, a Growth Partnership Company:

“SIP trunking services will play heavily in the emerging trend of hybrid cloud communications. Many businesses are now incorporating a mix of on-premises and cloud-based unified communications applications and services to most effectively deliver unified communications (UC) to their users.”

Hybrid solutions offer an advanced business phone system which is able to help organizations increase in proficiency, ultimately helping their growth and prosperity. Consumers are quickly learning the benefits that the hybrid business phone system has to offer. Further research from Frost & Sullivan showed that “in 2013, the market grew by 34.9 percent in terms of installed users.”
NEWT Business Phone System is a true hybrid solution and the business NEWT One SIP Trunk is designed to enable businesses to easily convert to VoIP telephony.  The NEWT One has established a simple pathway for businesses to replace their existing service or convert legacy phone systems to VoIP. The NEWT One is connected through Fibernetics’ private network, increasing quality, security and allowing for greater call capacity. A scalable product, the NEWT One is capable of growing along with your business. Due to Direct Inward Dial, one of the many unique features of this product, businesses have the ability to create a presence in various cities across Canada without actually having a physical location.newt-pbx-diagram3-1024x332 Business Phone Hybrid Solution is the Game Changer
NEWT’s business phone system is a fully managed, end-to-end solution, meaning that NEWT is there throughout the entire process to install the system that will fulfil your business needs. The perks of NEWT One doesn’t stop there, with extensive advanced features and a support team available 24/7/365, NEWT will ensure all employees are trained so that your business can properly harness the true power of NEWT One. In addition to its ability to enhance efficiency and help customer relationship management, the NEWT One is extremely cost effective and can aid organizations in their quest to cut expenses. With a customer retention rate of nearly 100%, NEWT is dedicated to ensuring consumer happiness and satisfaction.
Hybrid Phone Systems, though highly rated, are limited to just a few vendors. The NEWT hybrid solution is even more unique as it runs on its own proprietary network further expanding the benefits. For more information on the NEWT Business Phone System, NEWT One and the hybrid solution that is changing Canadian telecom, please contact 1-888-996-6398 or sign up here for a demonstration.