mike-petrucci-c9FQyqIECds-unsplash Business Continuity in the Retail Industry: What Can Retailers Do to Navigate the Global Pandemic?

COVID-19 has been devastating for many businesses around the world. One of the most impactful market disruptors in a long time, this pandemic has opened a window of opportunity for businesses to adapt. It is a wake-up call to have a crisis plan ready. The current situation in this new world demands a business continuity plan, even in the retail sector.

As businesses endure cycles of lockdowns and re-openings, how is your business ensuring stability in your business operations? Leaders in the retail industry are building rapid response skills to cushion short-term side-effects.


In these challenging times, retailers are preparing to serve the needs of their customers and employees. They are quickly adapting to a wide range of new practices. Let’s take a look at what retailers are doing:

  1. Online Presence: Retailers are putting more energy into social media to enhance the online buying experience of their customers. AI and Machine learning offer more customizable solutions to customers. With this increased e-commerce automation, retailers are opting for secure Internet and fully managed Business Phone Systems that include enterprise-grade features.
  2. Innovative Approach: Contactless delivery has gained importance rapidly, making curbside pickup an important part of many businesses overnight. Many retailers have taken this opportunity to improve the features that their business phone system currently offers. A single phone call missed is revenue missed! Many companies are now utilizing auto-attendants and features like waiting rooms where customers have more options than before. Can your phone system handle the volume that curbside pickup generates? Evaluate your business phone system with us.
  3. Supply chains: The pandemic has wreaked havoc on global supply chains, and it requires retailers to take a more proactive role in managing their own supply chains. Retailers are also shifting toward local produce and products to offset any delays in oversea transportations. Reliable business internet and backup with complete features of a business phone system is an important part of staying connected.
  4. Human Resources: Strategies are shifting in all departments to combat the global crisis. Employees are redeployed to support as well as boost e-commerce and phone order systems to maximize their revenue. NEWT’s Business Continuity Solutions can help retailers by offering customized features for their Business Phone Systems and fast and reliable Business Internet.
  5. Automation: Retailers are more willing than ever before to embrace automation and optimize all communications systems to enable remote working, and optimize time utilization at work. They are looking for end-to-end managed phone and internet solutions with security and reliability as the main priority. Moving a step ahead, Backup Services are being included to prevent downtime from costing the company money.

Have you prepared your business should an emergency hit? Are you ready for a life after-COVID?

Communication and over-communication are two important rules to follow now.

Most retailers are creating strategies on-the-fly, and implementing initiatives to generate sales, provide customer support, and maintain business operations when stores, offices, and customer call centers are forced to close during the pandemic. They have changed and improvised their marketing approach. Millions of customers worldwide are changing their buying behaviour to opt for cost savings and convenience. How retailers choose to react to these changing consumer demands will determine the success of their company and e-commerce as well.

NEWT offers business continuity solutions

When you sign up with NEWT’s business continuity solutions, you’ll find
➢ Increased efficiency by your employees with no interruptions
➢ Reliability ensuring the network is always up with LTE Backup services/ Disaster recovery
➢ Increased time and cost (bundled) savings with fully managed solutions

Every business is distinct and will face its own unique set of risks. Businesses have to ensure a detailed, proactive, and comprehensive business continuity plan to get them back on their feet in the event of a disaster.

Are you ready for a life after-COVID? A plan is essential for your business. Get in touch to know more!