Backpacks for Kids had its backpack giveaway this past weekend. More than 75 kids took part and went home with their new backpacks filled with school supplies along with some gift certificates to buy more.
School supplies are not provided in the Dominican Republic, so this elegant little service provides the poorest of children access to education they otherwise could not afford.
Run by Worldline’s Peter Cross and company co-founder John Stix, this little home grown act of kindness has grown to the point where next year it will be a full blown official charity with the full weight of FiberneticsWorldline and NEWT™ behind it.
This year, the company’s social committee, The Fun Bunch organized events to raise some of the funds.
“What a great day, as you can see by a few of the pics, we helped a lot of kids and I couldn’t be more proud of all of you and us together! Backpacks for Kids will be a legal registered charity by next year so we’re looking to allow many more kids to get the education they deserve next year,” said John Stix.
“And props  to Rosa (Peter’s wife) she is pregnant and still went out and negotiated all the buys for supplies!”
Backpacks for Kids is set to grow. Stay tuned over the coming months for details on next year’s giveaway, when even more kids get to go to school.