DSC5275-1024x675 This is what NEWT's award winning customer service looks like

The Award Winning NEWT customer service team

Yvon Bertrand is the Vice President of Technology for NEWT and oversees our customer service team based at our head office in Cambridge, Ontario. He has spent over 20 years in the telecommunications industry, working throughout Canada and abroad for international and startup companies. We’re lucky to have him, as this product management and product support experience has helped do something awesome
We asked Yvon to outline NEWT’s overall customer service strategy:

At NEWT, we believe that customer service is vital to the success of the company.  Every one of our competitors will say the same, however we are different: please allow me to use our help desk manager’s words.  “We believe experience generates belief and belief drives behaviour”.  We do everything we can to provide a better customer experience because we understand that in the end we will influence our customers to remain our customers and is why we have a nearly 100% retention rate.

NEWT Customer Service details:

  • We closely monitor current wait time, average wait time and maximum wait time.  We actually target an average wait time of 90 seconds or lower.  We are serious about setting the bar high, we have hit or done better than this target 20 of the first 26 week of the year.  We understand that a static data such as wait time is not enough to create an overall good experience, that is why we monitor the wait time from multiple angles, as describe above.
  • We monitor resolution time, from the perspective of the call, a day or the current week.  Resolving our customers problems is critical to create a good customer experience, thus we target to solve our customers’ problem on the first call or the same day 80% of the time.  Our metrics indicates that we have achieved this target 23 of the first 26 weeks of the year.
  • I could go on for hours about the many ways we try to court our customers’ to another day with us, let me just say we look at about 24 different angles to evaluate how we are servicing our customers: leaving litlle to chance.

As I often say, I trust that any customers joining NEWT will be pleased with the customer service experience.

NEWT_RMA This is what NEWT's award winning customer service looks likeNEWT’s industry leading technology is one thing, but the training and ongoing support provided by Yvon and his team is what makes virtually all of our customers, customers for life.
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