VolkT1 A (non Volkswagen variety) T1 101

This is not the T1 you are looking for

I grew up dreaming of owning a Volkswagen T1, the first ever mini-van and poster child of the hippie era and eventually I did manage to find one. In the month I drove it, it was 1) loud, 2) unreliable and 3) psychotically expensive to run. I sold it at a loss because, sanity.
When I got my first ever T1 data connection, it was way better. Reliable, affordable and fast, it was everything my old van wasn’t, except it wasn’t even slightly cool looking.
What is a T1 exactly? A T1 line refers to a specific type of copper or fibre optic telephone line that carries more data than traditional telephone lines. Twisted copper telephone lines have been the standard since practically Alexander Graham Bell was around, and are still used today to transmit voice and data. That standard is being upgraded to fibre optic lines, but most T1 lines are still made of twisted copper and creates a “pipe” capable of blowing through lots of data.


T1 service provides dedicated access meaning it is never shared, thus always providing businesses with maximum speed that should rarely be subject to the slowdowns shared services experience at peak hours.

T1 + Business Phone System

T1 lines are mostly used to transmit 24 digitized voice channels, meaning they can provide phone service to an entire office building. Businesses that require multiple phone lines can save a bunch of money by getting a dedicated T1 with a PRI (A what? See here) from a local phone company like NEWT. Perfect for a PBX business phone system, like the NEWT Managed PBX, T1/PRI’s can reduce telecom charges dramatically as companies will no longer have to pay multiple monthly phone line charges, plus NEWT’s Business PRI service includes all Canadian long distance. Bonus!

Cost Effective

Pricing for the T1 line is location dependent due to the distance between the telcom and the place of business. NEWT’s T1 services start at $495.00/Month.
In many cases T1’s can save companies a bundle on their monthly telecom bills. To find out if a T1 is a good fit for your company, please give the NEWT team a call at 1-866-261-3585 or visit our website for more information.